Welcome to the Calaveras River Watershed Stewardship Group's website. A Watershed Coordinator Grant has been awarded to Stockton East Water District (SEWD) and FISHBIO Environmental LLC by the California Department of Conservation to develop and facilitate a Calaveras River Watershed Stewardship Group (CRWSG). The purpose of  the CRWSG will be to encourage preservation and proper management of the lower Calaveras River below New Hogan Dam through watershed-wide cooperation between landowners, water users, recreational users, conservation groups, and local, state, and federal agencies.

To learn more about the CRWSG click on the "About the CRWSG" link on the side navigation bar.  To view any Calaveras River fisheries related information, visit http://sanjoaquinbasin.com/calaveras.php.

  Mud Snail Alert!


Photo of the lower Calaveras River in the canyon reach

Click photo for Virtual Photo Tour of the Calaveras River!

If you would like to be a part of the Calaveras River Watershed Stewardship Group and receive notification of upcoming meetings, agendas, events, and receive bi-monthly newsletters, please contact the Calaveras River Watershed Coordinator by sending stewardship@calaverasriver.com, an email requesting to be added to the group.

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